The Yeomen of the Guard - Range Analysis

According to the G. Schirmer version (ed. Edmond W. Rickett):
     Words by W. S. Gilbert
     Music by Arthur Sullivan

Summary by Role

Roles in this summary table are listed in highest to lowest order.
Full-size notes are required, small notes are optional.
Hover the mouse over an image to pop-up its vocal range in Scientific Pitch Notation.
Elsie (Bb3)D4-Bb5
Elsie Maynard
Kate F4-G5
Phoebe G#3-F5
Phoebe Meryll
Dame Carruthers G3-Eb5
Dame Carruthers
Leonard D3-Ab4
Leonard Meryll
Colonel Fairfax C#3-Ab4
Colonel Fairfax
1st Yeoman C#3-F4
First Yeoman
Jack Point A2-Eb4
Jack Point
Lieutenant A2-Eb4
2ndYeoman Bb2-F4
Second Yeoman
Wilfred G2-E4
Wilfred Shadbolt
Sergeant Meryll G2-Eb4
Sergeant Meryll

Details by Musical Number

(Tables below use scientific pitch notation, where C4 is Middle C, and each numbered octave comprises C up to the next B.)

Elsie Maynard (Soprano)
Elsie vocal range: (Bb3)D4-Bb5

Kate (Soprano)
Kate vocal range: F4-G5

Phoebe Meryll (Mezzo-Soprano)
Phoebe vocal range: G#3-F5

Dame Carruthers (Contralto)
Dame Carruthers vocal range: G3-Eb5

Leonard Meryll (Tenor)
Leonard vocal range: D3-Ab4

Colonel Fairfax (Tenor)
Fairfax vocal range: C#3-Ab4

First Yeoman (Tenor)
1st Yeoman vocal range: C#3-F4

Jack Point (Baritone)
Point vocal range: A2-Eb4

Sir Richard Cholmondeley, Lieutenant of the Tower (Baritone)
Lieutenant vocal range: A2-Eb4

Second Yeoman (Baritone)
Second Yeoman vocal range: Bb2-F4

Wilfred Shadbolt (Bass-Baritone)
Wilfred vocal range: G2-E4

Sergeant Meryll (Bass-Baritone)
Sergeant Meryll vocal range: G2-Eb4

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