The Mikado - Range Analysis

Summary by Role

Role Low High
Yum-Yum (Soprano) D4 A5
Peep-Bo(Soprano) D4 D5
Pitti-Sing (Mezzo-Soprano) G3 F5
Katisha (Contralto) G#3 F5
Nanki-Poo (Tenor) C3 A4
Ko-Ko (Comic Baritone) G2 E4
Pish-Tush (Baritone) (F2) A2 E4
Pooh-Bah (Bass-Baritone) G2 D4 (Eb4)
Mikado (Bass) F2 D4
Roles are listed in highest to lowest order. Pitches are shown in scientific pitch notation in which C4 is Middle C, and each numbered octave extends from C up to the next B.
b=flat, bb=double flat, #=sharp, x=double sharp, otherwise natural

Details by Musical Number

Yum-Yum (Soprano)
Yum-Yum vocal range: D4-A5

Peep-Bo (Soprano)
Peep-Bo vocal range: D4-D5

Pitti-Sing (Mezzo-Soprano)
Pitti-Sing vocal range: G3-F5

Katisha (Contralto)
Katisha vocal range: G#3-F5

Nanki-Poo (Tenor)
Nanki-Poo vocal range: C3-A4

Ko-Ko (Comic Baritone)
Ko-Ko vocal range: G2-E4

Pish-Tush (Baritone)
Pish-Tush vocal range: (F2)A2-E4

Pooh-Bah (Bass-Baritone)
Pooh-Bah vocal range: G2-D4(Eb4)

Mikado (Bass)
Mikado vocal range: F2-D4

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