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The Yeomen of the Guard - Chorus Practice

The Yeomen of the Guard, 2008
Photo: Joe Cohn, 2008

Find each excerpt at the page, system, and measure indicated in the G. Schirmer edition (ed. Edmond W. Rickett) of the vocal score, where the quoted lyric may be found.

Click the , , , or play button for your choral part or for Tutti. It will play in the audio player at the top of the page next to the ARJentium menu. (Or click the down arrow ↓ to play directly in your browser, bypassing the above audio player.)

indicates Yeomen only.
indicates People only.
indicates All (both choruses together).
indicates the most inclusive Tutti recording for each number or subsection of a number.

More information about using this page can be found below the table.
If you prefer, you can download these audio clips to your computer and play them locally.

Act I

Pg Sy Ms Excerpt Time Chorus Tutti Soprano Alto Tenor Bass
2. Tower Warders, Under Orders
17 2 2      Opening Chorus 0:32 People
19 2 1      "In the autumn of our life" 0:44 Yeomen
23 2 4      "As in days of long ago" (Ending) 1:00 Yeomen
23 3 1      "Still would face a foreign foe" (Ending) 0:55 People
17 1 1      Full Length 3:16 All
3. When Our Gallant Norman Foes
31 4 3      "O'er London town" - 1st stanza 0:34 Yeomen
31 4 3      "O'er London town" - 2nd stanza 0:34 Yeomen
17 1 1      Full Length 3:31 Yeomen
17 2 2 6. Here's a Man of Jollity 0:32 People
7. I Have a Song to Sing, O!
62 3 3      "Who sipped no sup" (Chorus Cue) 0:29 People
53 1 1      Full Length 3:16 People
Pg Sy Ms Excerpt Time Chorus Tutti Soprano Alto Tenor Bass
12. Finale of Act I
     Oh, Sergeant Meryll, Is It True?
97 2 2      "Oh, Sergeant Meryll, is it true?" (1st cue) 0:32 Yeomen
100 1 3      "Forgive his aged father's pride" 0:31 Yeomen
102 2 4      "Prodigiously exaggerated" 0:14 Yeomen
103 3 2      "Rescue it at deadly peril" 0:11 Yeomen
104 2 2      "Face, with gallant heart unshaken" 0:12 Yeomen
106 1 3      "Scarce a word of them is true!" 0:17 Yeomen
96 1 1      Complete Section - Oh, Sergeant Meryll 3:52 Yeomen
     Phoebe's Entrance
108 3 1      "Your sister, Phoebe" 0:14 Yeomen
112 2 3      "Be thou at hand" 0:11 Yeomen
114 3 4      "From dim twilight" (1st/2nd Time) 0:16 Yeomen
117 3 1      "From dim twilight" (3rd Time) 0:15 Yeomen
107 2 1      Complete Section - Phoebe's Entrance 4:45 Yeomen
     The Prisoner Comes
119 2 1      "The prisoner comes" (1st cue) 0:58 All
121 3 1      "Oh, Mercy, thou" 0:47 All
118 2 1      Complete Section - The Prisoner Comes 2:57 All
     My Lord! I Know Not How to Tell the News
124 3 4      "He is not there!" 0:14 All
126 1 1      "The man we sought with anxious care" 0:12 All
127 1 1      "As escort for the prisoner" 0:16 All
124 1 1      Complete Section - He Is Not There 1:55 All
     All Frenzied with Despair
132 3 1      "Whate'er betide, you are his bride?" 0:40 All
136 2 1      "Alive or dead" 0:27 All
132 3 1      Complete Section - All Frenzied with Despair 1:27 All
96 1 1      Full-Length Finale of Act I 14:37 All

Act II

Pg Sy Ms Excerpt Time Chorus Tutti Soprano Alto Tenor Bass
13. Night Has Spread Her Pall Once More
141 4 2      "Night has spread her pall" (Opening) 0:42 People
143 4 1      Carruthers: "Spite of ye all, he is free, he is free!" 0:21 People
144 1 3      Women: "Spite of ye all, he is free, he is free!" 0:28 Yeomen
145 2 1      "Ev'ry outlet, ev'ry drain" 0:15 All
146 1 1      "Warders are ye? whom do ye ward?" (Ending) 0:45 All
140 1 1      Full Length 3:52 All
18. Hark! What Was That, Sir?
169 4 2      "Now what can that have been?" 0:26 All
174 3 1      "Then we closed with one another" 0:11 All
177 1 1      "With a gasp and with a quiver" 0:11 All
179 1 1      "With an ounce or two of lead" 0:06 All
179 3 1      "I discharged it without thinking" 0:09 All
181 3 1      "Anyhow, the man is dead" 0:19 All
184 3 2      "So set to work" 0:32 All
169 1 1      Full Length 3:29 All
22. Act II Finale
215 2 2      "Comes the pretty young bride" (Opening) 1:04 People
220 3 3      "This is my joy day unalloyed" 0:19 All
222 2 2      "No, no, recall those words" 0:34 All
225 2 2      "Thou art mine own!" 0:10 All
226 1 2      "Unmoved by sentimental shock!" 0:08 All
229 1 1      "With happiness our soul is cloyed" 0:29 All
231 3 1      "I have a song to sing, O!" (1st Time) 0:11 All
231 3 1      "Who sipped no sup" (1st Time) 0:18 All
233 2 2      "I have a song to sing, O!" (2nd Time) 0:08 All
234 4 3      "Who sipped no sup" (2nd Time/Ending) 1:00 All
215 1 1      Full Length Finale of Act II 8:16 All

More Information

Part vs. Tutti: In the table above, begin your study of each number by using the audio clip for your individual choral part, which features your part played prominently using a clarinet sound along with accompaniment and principals' vocal lines in a piano sound at lower volume. Listen and sing along with your isolated part until you are confident. Then try the Tutti file to see if you can hold to your part when all choral parts are playing at full volume. Work back and forth between part and Tutti as needed. These audio examples feature constantly full dynamics and mostly steady tempos for pitch-drilling purposes.

Change Tempo slider: You can slow the tempo of the playback by sliding the light blue knob on the above "Change tempo" slider to left and right along the track. Tempo begins at 100% at the right end and changes by 1% increments to a minimum of 50% at the left end. Note that slowing the tempo introduces distortion into the audio playback. (Supported in Firefox, Chrome, and Opera web browers.)

Finding Your Place in the Score: Page numbering corresponds to the G. Schirmer edition (ed. Edmond W. Rickett) of the vocal/piano score. To find each excerpt in the score, see the Pg, Sy, and Ms columns which give the page, system, and measure where the excerpt begins. It may also include one or more pickup notes from the bar preceding the given starting point. For example, Pg 19, Sy 2, Ms 1 means the 1st measure in the 2nd system on page 19, but it includes the two-note pickup from the previous bar. Look for the quoted lyric given in the Excerpt column which should appear at that point. This is not (usually) the first lyric you would sing, but the lyric at the starting point ahead of your vocal entrance.

Which Chorus? The chorus in this score is divided between Yeomen (TTBB) and People (SATB with some divisi). In some passages, e.g, No. 2. "Tower warders, Under orders," separate music is given to each of these choruses to sing simultaneously against the other. In other passages, e.g., the latter portion of the Act I Finale, they sing the same music together. Be sure to look in the "Chorus" column to make sure you are using the audio excerpts which apply to your portion of the chorus. These will be marked as "Yeomen," "People," or "All." In addition, the "Chorus" column and the play buttons are color coded as a visual cue:
indicates Yeomen only.
indicates People only.
indicates All (both choruses together).
indicates the most inclusive Tutti recording for each number or subsection of a number.

Yeomen Basses, please note that during number 2. "Tower Warders, Under Orders," the Yeomen basses briefly divide into three parts. The 3rd Bass notes are simply an octave doubling of the 2nd Bass notes. Accordingly, pitches for both octaves are given together in the B2 part, rather than providing separate B2 and B3 parts for this one brief part division.

Download the sound files to your computer

If you wish, you can download individual MP3 sound files from the above table by right-clicking their down-pointing arrows (↓) and selecting Save link as... or Save target as... from the pop-up menu.

To download all the MP3 recordings for a part, click the button corresponding to your choral part below. You will also need the Tutti zip file. Besides the sound files, each zip file contains one or more playlists for playing relevant groups of individual recordings in sequence.

About Divisi: Parts for Soprano 1 and 2, and for Alto 1 and 2, are included in the soprano.zip and alto.zip respectively, and will reside in the soprano directory or alto directory when you extract each zip file. Parts for Tenor1 and 2, and Bass 1 and 2, are separated into separate tenor1, tenor2, bass1, and bass2 directories each with its own zip file.

Click one of the following buttons to download the .zip file for your chorus part.

Also download the Tutti .zip file. You will need this set of files too. Playlists will not be able to find some of their audio files without the Tutti files being present in their own directory.

In a some cases, the Tutti file stands in place of a part file for unison singing. Playlists in the part .zip may be missing one or more numbers if the Tutti download is omitted.

For more information about saving and unzipping these downloads, please read Tips for Downloading the Practice Files. Use your browser's "back" button to return here.

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