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Utopia Limited - Chorus Practice

Poster for 2015 Durham Savoyards production
Design Evelyn McCauley, Photo Joe Cohn

For each choral number in the show, begin with the file corresponding to your choral part, which isolates your part against subdued principals and accompaniment. Listen and sing along with the highlighted part until you are confident. Then try the Tutti file to see if you can hold to your part when all choral parts are sounding together. Work back and forth between part and Tutti as needed.

Page and movement numbering correspond to the Larry Byler edition of the vocal score, available for download from the Gilbert and Sullivan Archive web site. The Start column gives the starting point of each excerpt in the format page/system/measure. For example, starting point 16/3/1 refers to page 16, the 3rd system on the page, the 1st measure in the system.

Change Tempo slider: You can slow the tempo of the playback by sliding the light blue knob on the above "Change tempo" slider to left and right along the track. Tempo begins at 100% at the right end and changes by 1% increments to a minimum of 50% at the left end. Note that slowing the tempo introduces distortion into the audio playback. (Supported in Firefox, Chrome, and Opera web browers.)

How would you like to access the sound files?

Online: Click the button for your choral part or for "Tutti" for the excerpt you wish to hear. It will play in the audio player at the top of the page next to the menu, containing Play, Pause, and Stop buttons, Progress bar, and Volume control. You may make another selection during play. The new selection will start playing in place of the previous one.

Act I

Selection Time Tutti Soprano Alto Tenor Bass
Top of Show
5/1/1 1. In Lazy Languor Motionless 2:05
2 and 2a: Scaphio and Phantis 3:00
12/1/1 2. O Make Way For the Wise Men 2:20
  2a. In Every Mental Lore
14/1/1      • (Complete) 1:45
16/3/1      • (Choral ending) 0:29
4 through 4c: King Paramount, Twins, and Lady Sophy 12:35
24/1/1 4. Quaff the Nectar 2:04
  4a. A King Of Autocratic Power We
29/1/1      • (Complete) 3:29
30/2/1      • (Choral reply through entrance of Twins) 2:12
35/1/1 4b. Although Of Native Maids the Cream 2:19 (No chorus. Duet included for continuity.)
4c. Bold-Faced Ranger
38/1/1      • (Complete) 4:42
40/2/1      • (Choral reply to end) 1:13
7 & 8: Princess Zara, Captain Fitzbattleaxe, and Troopers
  7. Oh Maiden Rich In Girton Lore
54/1/1      • (Complete) 3:22
54/4/3      • (Women's choral opening) 1:16
58/4/2      • ("Knightsbridge nursemaids") 0:54
64/1/1 8. Ah! Gallant Soldier, Brave and True 1:17
Act I Finale: The Flowers of Progress 17:03
  12. Although Your Royal Summons To Appear
83/1/1      • Opening Section (Full Length) 3:50
83/1/1      • Cue 1: "Although your royal summons" 1:35
87/5/4      • Cue 2 : "He represents a military scheme" 0:32
91/1/2      • Cue 3: "Whether you're an honest man" 0:25
  12a. What These May Be, Utopians All
92/2/1      • Section: "What These May Be" (Full Length) 3:43
93/2/4      • Cue 1: "Court reputations," (repeat for v. 2) 0:36
97/3/3      • Cue 2: "No schemes too great" 0:15
  12b. I'm Captain Corcoran, K.C.B.
99/3/1      • Section: "I'm Captain Corcoran" (Full Length) 3:30
100/3/2      • Cue 1: "What never?" and "All Hail" 1:04
103/3/1      • Cue 2: "Ye wanderers" 1:08
108/1/1      • Cue 3: "A Company Limited" 0:12
  12c. Some Seven Men Form an Association
109/1/1      • Section: "Some seven men" (Full Length) 6:02
110/3/5      • Cue 1: "When it's left," repeat for v. 2-3 0:22
114/2/3      • Cue 2: "Who registered his Crown and Country" 0:16
117/1/2      • Cue 3: "Henceforward of a verity" 1:26

Act II

Selection Time Tutti Soprano Alto Tenor Bass
Ceremonial Scene
138/1/1 16. Entrance of the Court (Instrumental) 1:28
140/1/1 17. Drawing Room Music (Instrumental) 2:44
143/3/2 18. Eagle High (Chorus parts only) 1:41
End of Show
140/1/1 25b. Tarantella (Instrumental) 0:50
192/1/1 26. Upon Our Sea-Girt Land 0:36
  27. Act II Finale: There's a Little Group Of Isles
195/1/1      • (Full Length) 1:56
196/1/2      • (Choral reply to end) 0:40
NOTE: Byler's nos. 12-27 (shown above) correspond to nos. 11-26 in the Chappell (Kalmus) vocal score.
Byler leaves out the number 11 to match with the Kalmus orchestra parts.
(David Larrick edition of the parts is numbered consecutively, as in the Chappell vocal score.)

Download the sound files to your computer

If you wish, you can download an individual MP3 sound file from the above table by right-clicking its down-pointing arrow (↓) and selecting Save link as... or Save target as... from the pop-up menu.

To download all the MP3 recordings for a part, use the button corresponding to your choral part, below. You will also need the Tutti zip file. Besides the sound files, each zip file contains one or more playlists for playing relevant groups of individual recordings in sequence. Soprano, Tenor, and Bass zips include separate playlists for each divisi.

Also download the Tutti .zip file. You will need this set of files too.

For more information about saving and unzipping these downloads, please read Tips for Downloading the Practice Files. Use your browser's "back" button to return here.

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