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Iolanthe - Chorus Practice

Private Willis and Fairies
Photo: Janell Lovelace, 2012

Choral parts are played back using a clarinet sound, while accompaniment and principal parts are played on a piano sound. Constantly full dynamics and mostly steady tempos are used for pitch-drilling purposes.

For each number, listen at first and sing along with the sound file for your individual part until you are confident. The part file includes your choral part played prominently, along with accompaniment and principals' vocal lines at lower volume. Then try the Tutti file to see if you can hold to your part when all choral parts are playing at full volume. Work back and forth between part and Tutti as needed.

Change Tempo slider: You can slow the tempo of the playback by sliding the light blue knob on the above "Change tempo" slider to left and right along the track. Tempo begins at 100% at the right end and changes by 1% increments to a minimum of 50% at the left end. Note that slowing the tempo introduces distortion into the audio playback. (Supported in Firefox, Chrome, and Opera web browers.)

Page numbering corresponds to the G. Schirmer edition (ed. Bryceson Treharne). For the subdivisions of the Act I Finale, you may wish to turn to the page and find the lyric as noted in the Excerpt column before starting the sound file.

How would you like to access the sound files?

Online: Click the button for your choral part or for "Tutti" for the excerpt you wish to hear. It will play in the audio player at the top of the page next to the menu, containing Play, Pause, and Stop buttons, Progress bar, and Volume control. You may make another selection during play. The new selection will start playing in place of the previous one.

Act I (before Finale)

# Pg Excerpt Time Tutti Soprano Alto Tenor Bass
1. 12 Tripping Hither, Tripping Thither 4:15
2. 22 Iolanthe! From Thy Dark Exile 2:51
3. 29 Good Morrow, Good Mother 0:44
4. 32 Fare Thee Well, Attractive Stranger 1:03
6. 41 Loudly Let the Trumpet Bray 5:10
7. 55 The Law Is the True Embodiment
*(Tutti complete, T and B abridged)

8. 62 My Well Loved Lord 3:36
9. 72 Nay, Tempt Me Not 0:25
10. 73 Spurn Not the Nobly Born 1:43
11. 77 My Lords, It May Not Be 2:44

Act I Finale

# Pg Excerpt Time Tutti Soprano Alto Tenor Bass
13. 89 When Darkly Looms the Day 1:45
" 94 Ah! Oh Shameless One, Tremble 3:17
" 100 Go, Traitrous One / For Riches and Rank 1:28
" 103 To You I Give My Heart So Rich 0:46
" 106 Can I Inactive See My Fortunes Fade? /
Tripping Hither
" 108 The Lady Of My Love 1:47
" 116 Go Away, Madam 1:38
" 125 Oh Chancellor Unwary 1:34
" 129 Henceforth, Strephon, Cast Away 1:09
" 132 Every Bill and Every Measure 0:36
" 133 With Strephon For Your Foe 2:19

Act II

# Pg Excerpt Time Tutti Soprano Alto Tenor Bass
15. 147 Strephon's a Member Of Parliament 1:34
16. 153 When Britain Really Ruled the Waves 0:55
17. 155 In Vain To Us You Plead (Don't Go!)
*(Tutti, S, and A complete, TB Unison abridged)




18. 158 Oh Foolish Fay 2:58
24. 198 It May Not Be (Aiaiah!) 2:31
25. 203 Soon As We May 2:08

Download the sound files to your computer:

You may download any individual audio file(s) from the above listing by right-clicking on the down arrow (↓) next to the grey button, and selecting "Save target as..." or "Save link as..." from the pop-up menu. To download all of a part (or all Tutti files) as a zip file, use the download buttons below.

Click one of the following buttons to download the .zip file for your chorus part.

Also download the Tutti .zip file. You will need this set of files too.

In a some cases, the Tutti file stands in place of a part file for unison singing. Playlists in the part .zip may be missing one or more numbers if the Tutti download is omitted.

For more information about saving and unzipping these downloads, please read Tips for Downloading the Practice Files. Use your browser's "back" button to return here.

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