Tips for Downloading the Practice Files

The chorus practice pages offer individual downloads for each sound recording. You may right-click the down arrow ↓ next to any of these individual audio files to download them one by one, and organize the downloads as best suits your needs.

However, if you wish to download all the sound files for a chorus part, you will want to use the download buttons located at the bottom of each operetta's chorus practice page. Once downloaded and unzipped, you can play them on your computer's audio player application, load them into your smart phone or tablet, or burn them off to audio CD. Here are some tips to make sure the sound files are saved in such a way that the playlists included in the zip file will work properly.

To create this example directory structure on a Windows computer:

  1. Create the /practice directory (i.e., practice folder) in any convenient parent directory.
  2. Within /practice, create the subdirectories for /mikado and /pirates.
  3. On the Mikado web page, download the and files into /practice/mikado.
  4. In the /practice/mikado directory, right-click and "Extract all...." Similarly, right-click and "Extract all..".
  5. On the Pirates web page, download the and files into /practice/pirates.
  6. In the /practice/pirates directory, right click and "Extract all..." Similarly, right click and "Extract all...".

You can do similarly for other operettas and choral parts by generalizing from this example. If you study multiple parts for the same operetta, you will only need to download that operetta's tutti files once. For example, The Mikado's and files could also be downloaded and unzipped into the /practice/mikado directory. They will share the same tutti files with the soprano2 part.

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