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Thespis, or The Gods Grown Old

#PlayTimeInfoTitlePerformed by   Video
4:51      OvertureDurham Savoyards, Ltd.   
1 3:16      Throughout the Night the ConstellationsDurham Savoyards, Ltd.   
2 :31      Hurried Music - Entrance of MercuryDurham Savoyards, Ltd.   
3 1:36      Oh I'm the Celestial DrudgeDurham Savoyards, Ltd.   
4 :14      Fanfare - Entrance of JupiterDurham Savoyards, Ltd.   
5 2:51      Oh Incident UnprecedentedDurham Savoyards, Ltd.   
6 3:34      Here Far Away From All the WorldDurham Savoyards, Ltd.   
7 3:45      Climbing Over Rocky Mountain (Sullivan)Durham Savoyards, Ltd.   
8 3:52      I Once Knew a ChapDurham Savoyards, Ltd.   
9 :41      Presumptuous MortalDurham Savoyards, Ltd.   
10 6:45      Finale of Act IDurham Savoyards, Ltd.   
11 2:43      Of All SymposiaDurham Savoyards, Ltd.   
12 2:03      Little Maid of Arcadee (Sullivan)Durham Savoyards, Ltd.   
13 2:13      Olympus Is Now In a Terrible MuddleDurham Savoyards, Ltd.   
14 2:55      You're Diana, I'm ApolloDurham Savoyards, Ltd.   
15 1:39      Oh Rage and FuryDurham Savoyards, Ltd.   
16 :49      Oh Monster! (Court of Olympus Recitatives)Durham Savoyards, Ltd.   
17 5:58      Finale of Act IIDurham Savoyards, Ltd.   
AppB 3:01      Entr'Acte (Optional) - The Sun Whose Rays (Sullivan)Durham Savoyards, Ltd.   
AppE 2:48      Exit Music: GalopDurham Savoyards, Ltd.   
Ext01 5:40      Thespis and Trial by Jury Highlights (Live, 2017)Durham Savoyards, Ltd.   


Overture from Thespis
Music by Alan Riley Jones (and Arthur Sullivan)
Copyright © Alan Riley Jones, all rights reserved.

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or, The Gods Grown Old

Libretto by W. S. Gilbert
Music by Alan Riley Jones

(and Arthur Sullivan where noted)

World Premiere October 12-15, 2017
The Durham Savoyards, Ltd., Durham, NC (USA)

Cast in Order of Appearance

Solo StarJuliana Fisher
DianaOlive McKrell
ApolloDan Mason
MercuryStuart Albert
JupiterJim Burnette
MarsKent Parks
Chorus of StarsSopranos and altos of the Company
Chorus of OlympiansMarian Anders, Megan Colborn, Juliana Fisher, Hank Hankla,
Cathy Lambe, Derek Lane, Mugh Mace, Richard Palmer, Pat Roos,
David Smith, Courtney Thornton, Robin Trew, Shiangtai Tuan
SparkeionMichael Rowe
NicemisMary Elisabeth Hirsh
Timidon**Sam Warshauer
PretteiaLily Fowler
DaphneElizabeth Hankla
SillimonChris Newlon
ThespisSteve Dobbins
TipseionAda Brown
Cymon**Kim Kingsley
Chorus of ThespiansKaylee Almond, Ada Brown, Irina Bunnage, Christine Eckermann-Ross,
Pam Guidry-Vollers, Mary Elizabeth Guy, Houston Horn, Kim Kingsley,
Matt McKrell, Bruce Stewart, James Vollers, Ruth Winecker

**(In this production, the role of Prepostoros was merged with Timidon, and Stupidas with Cymon.)

The Durham Savoy Opera Orchestra
Violin I: Frederic Ayala (Concertmaster), Lee Hong, Mark Furth
Violin II: Marguerite Cox, Rebecca Lee, Viola: Norton Dickman, Nicolle Tulve
Cello: Julius Prescott, James Tyler-Walker, Double Bass: Tanner Lovelace (Orchestra Manager)
Flute: Joanna Sisk-Purvis, Flute/Piccolo: Jenni Scoggin, Oboe: Nancy Wilson
Clarinet: Shirley Voland-Jones, Mérida Megrete, Bassoon: Charles Gragg
French Horn: Richard Lehner, Sandy Svoboda, Trumpet: Bruce Klitzman, Kathy Silbiger
Trombone: Christina Thompson, Randy Guptill, Percussion: Bill Hayes

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