Candle, Candle (Lullaby)

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2:16 Candle, Candle (Lullaby)ARJ   
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Candle, Candle (Lullaby)

Candle, Candle (Lullaby)
Words and music by Alan Riley Jones
Copyright © Alan Riley Jones, all rights reserved.

Candle, candle, tiny light,
Candle burning in the night,
Tell me true and tell me right,
Do you know my name?

Only tell me, only say,
Will you go or will you stay?
Will you come along and play,
While the day is fine?

Tell me right and tell me true,
Tell me while the skies are blue,
If I say your name to you,
Can you tell me mine?

If I only had my way,
We would go and we would stay.
Ev'ry day would be today,
Ever more the same.

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